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Why You Need an Experienced DJ at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is the beginning of a new phase in your life and as such, you deserve the best of that day. From how the event is planned to the type of music and entertainment that is provided. That is why you need the services of a reputable DJ company on your big day.

Jonny Black Productions offers the best wedding DJ and entertainment services in Houston, TX. We are committed to packing your dance floor and showing your guest an amazing wedding experience. This is what you can expect from us on your day.

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Venue: Houston Museum of Natural Science

· Sound equipment and microphone

With us, you do not have to worry about renting the sound system and figuring out the logistics that go along with that daunting task. We use state of the art sound equipment and microphones that ensure amazing sound quality and production.

· It’s all about the VIBE

As your wedding DJ, we don't just play music… We do so much more than that! Beyond selecting and playing songs, your wedding DJ will also create the perfect mood. Understanding guests at your wedding, playing the right song (at the right moment), and knowing when to start and stop a song all contribute to enhancing the overall vibe of your wedding.

· Song selection

Picking the right songs to be played at your wedding can be very overwhelming. As an experienced DJ company, we know which songs will get the party started and keep the party going! Rest assured, not only will we play today’s hottest hits, but we’re also going to play all of your favorite party anthems.

· Mixes and Mash-ups

There are many songs that if played until the very end, will begin to drag or perhaps lose your guests' interest. Sometimes you may want to enjoy a slow dance with that special someone, and other times you may want to show off those killer dance moves. We will mix and mash-up your playlist seamlessly creating the ultimate dance party!

Are you anywhere around Houston TX and you're in need of an insanely talented DJ for your wedding? Then, look no further than Jonny Black Productions. Click here now to contact Jonny!

About Jonny Black

Jonny is an extremely talented wedding DJ, entrepreneur, and all-around entertainment expert! He is the visionary behind Jonny Black Productions, one of the top wedding DJ and photo booth companies in Houston, TX. Learn more about Jonny and his team.



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