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Why We Are the Best DJ for Your Wedding Event

The wedding day is a celebration of your love. Beyond that, it is one of the most memorable days in each of your lives - one that marks the beginning of something new and glorious.

An amazing wedding ceremony and reception is determined by many factors that all converge to conceive something beautiful; the atmosphere, the decoration, the food and drinks, and the music and entertainment, all come into play here. Great music is what feeds life to your wedding day and ultimately makes your experience truly worthwhile, and that is what Jonny Black Productions does best.

Jonny is an extremely talented professional DJ/entertainer with over 15 years of experience under his belt. Jonny and his team are utterly committed and ensure you have the best wedding day ever. There are several reasons why Jonny Black Productions stands apart from the other guys and here’s a few:

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Venue: Briscoe Manor

A professional touch

Jonny Black Productions doesn't just provide the best music at your wedding, no; we go beyond that! We take our time to really understand your vision and read your guest. By doing this, we know which songs will be perfect for each moment. We also collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that your ideas are heard and incorporated into your special day!

Fine attention to details

Being a DJ goes beyond providing music at an event. The music is an integral part of the event and as such, should align with other aspects of the event. Our ability to pay attention to the details of the event makes us stand out from others offering similar services. This is why we always ask questions about your guests' arrival time, room layout and floor plans, cultural traditions, as well as any special instructions.

Vast musical knowledge

As a professional DJ company, we understand that your wedding is not about the music that we know or like, it’s about the music that YOU love! For us to make the day as special as you’ve always imagined it to be, we have to play the kind of music everyone in attendance will enjoy. Thanks to our vast musical knowledge, we always deliver!

Jonny Black Productions offers the best wedding DJ and entertainment services in Houston, TX. We are committed to delivering the best music and entertainment because we know how special your wedding is. There is no better time to contact us than now.

About Jonny Black

Jonny is an extremely talented wedding DJ, entrepreneur, and all-around entertainment expert! He is the visionary behind Jonny Black Productions, the top wedding DJ and photo booth companies in Houston, TX. Learn more about Jonny and his team.



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