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Vendor Spotlight - Tuscan Courtyard

The decision to get married is just the beginning of a long journey towards your big day. There’s so much that goes into planning your wedding, but the wedding venue is by far one of the most important things to consider. Although scouting for a venue can be a difficult task, knowing where to look will definitely make this process much easier!

Jonny Black Productions has had the privilege of rocking weddings at many amazing venues and one venue that holds a special place in our heart is the Tuscan Courtyard in Texas City. It’s an event space that has truly left us in awe, and it has the same effect on everyone who’s ever been there! We’re so excited to feature them this week in our vendor spotlight series!


Photo by: Fulley Love Photography

Venue: Tuscan Courtyard

· How large is their venue?

Tuscan Courtyard has more than enough space to host your wedding reception. At Tuscan Courtyard, you are guaranteed private access to a 10-acre property and access to the Manor where you can dress up and prepare for the big day. There’s also a courtyard where you can tie the knot and finally say ‘I do’. Our favorite section is the ballroom, where you and your loved ones will dance the night away.

Party time

Photo by: Kaley Elaine Photography

Venue: Tuscan Courtyard

· How beautiful is their courtyard?

At Tuscan Courtyard, you get to enjoy the beauty of nature because the courtyard is riddled with lovely trees, a pond, and a waterfall, as well as many other wonderful natural sights. There’s also a gorgeous wooden pergola which is where you will be married! Amazing sunsets always wash over this area which is perfect for that defining moment when you'll say 'I do.'

Grand Exit

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Venue: Tuscan Courtyard

· Do they have any suites for the bride and bridesmaids?

Yes, they do. A lovely one, at that. They offer a Bridal Suite worthy of royalty for you and your bridal team to get prepared for the wedding.

The Bridal Suite comes with stylistic chairs that guarantee your comfort while your hair and your makeup are being done. For the groom and groomsmen, there is a reserved space in the manor where they can relax, stretch their legs, or keep up with the big game while they await the commencement of the event.

If you’ve recently become engaged and you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your wedding, you must schedule a tour at Tuscan Courtyard! Trust me, we’ve rocked hundreds of weddings at Tuscan Courtyard over the years, you will not be disappointed!

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